Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas for me

Well we didn't really have a Christmas this year as my Mum passed away on Christmas Eve.
Her name was ELVA MAY and she was the most amazing mum.
18 years ago Elva suffered a brain haemorrhage which left her with a form of dementia, so you could say we lost her twice, that day and on the 24th of December.
She lived at home with my amazing Dad for 8 long years till my Dad became sick( he is ok now) and had to be placed in care .The hardest thing we have ever had to do, but all the staff at Calvary nursing home are wonderful and Elva lived another 10 years there loving the staff and being loved by them as well as us loving her.

2 weeks before she passed she seemed to lose interest in anything and spent a lot of her time in bed ( it is thought she had just had enough and gave up).

We went to get Dad and bring him up there to Gunnedah for Christmas, went to visit mum and I know she didn't have long from all my years of nursing and seeing others look like she did, but we had so much trust in the staff we brought Dad here anyway.That was on the Sunday.

On the Tuesday morning we got a phone call from Calvary saying mum's health was very poor, so off we rushed 3 hours back to her.
My Daughter Kori and I sat with her all Tuesday night getting very little sleep, but wouldn't have had it any other way.
On the Wednesday morning we went back to dad's , picked him up and went back to Calvary. At 9.30 I decided dad was doing it hard, there was nothing more we could do for her. Having confidence in the staff and it being Christmas I decided to take us back home to Gunnedah to be with Mal and other family was coming here on Boxing day also.
We said our last goodbye to Elva( OH what a hard thing that was to do) Kori and I cried for seems like ever.
At 11.30am we were not too far from home when my mobile phone rang, and it was Maree from Calvary to let me know that Elva had just passed on.

Christmas went in a blurr for us all and on Boxing Day our son ricky, DIL Angela, my twin sister Narelle and niece Raquel (from Tasmania) arrived at our house. Presents were exchanged with not a lot of excitement.

That was what my Christmas was .

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas.


  1. It is a very hard thing to lose someone you love. My mum is 80 and her health seems to go downhill a little more and faster every day. Though I try to accept the inevitable it still won't be easy when it happens.
    All of your stitchers are here for you so please lean on us whenever you need to.

  2. I am so glad to see that you have joined the realm of bloggers :) I know it has been a very difficult end to the year, and I can not begin to imagine how hard it was to lose your mother, but I will second the advice to lean on us all, as we are all here for you!

  3. I know you are and that gives me so much comfort. You are the best friends I could ask for.

    Love you

  4. That is so sad for you and all your family. Hugs to you and may you have a brighter 2009. xx