Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time I posted

I have been naughty and not posted for a while.

I had been feeling a bit down the past week or so, a MUM moment . Wasn't looking forward to going to my Dad's last Thursday, to help him with going to pay for mum's funeral, but as it turned out I didn't get there last week.
On Tuesday afternoon my left eye felt like I had something in it. Thought it would be ok by the Wednesday morning but when I woke up my eye was aching and really sore, by the time Mal got home from work I could hardly stand the pain and I have a high pain threshold I think. I went to the ER at the hospital as it id a waste of time trying to get into a Doctors here, sat for 4 hours waiting to see the doctor. Finally say one and found out I have 2 ulcers on my eyeball, very painfull, LOl think I would rather be in labour than have the pain I had with my eye.

Today my eye seems to be just about healed, very little pain and only hurts when I put in the eye cream meant to heal my eye, its working so I can put up with it.

I have been stubborn and still stitching even if it is very little a day. I have gotten a bit of Opus 1 done and started my frog as well as a one colour design by Marc Davis from needlemania called A Bouquet for Cheryl.
I will work out how it put pics here in post soon and post pics here.

To all my cross stitch sisters I am sorry I have not been around much last week but I will be back on Tuesday, tomorrow is a holiday here so we are going to do something as a family, not sure what yet LOL.


  1. I am so glad to hear your eye is better. The eyes are the one thing I am most worried about losing! Not being able to read or cross-stitch...Just nto right. Looking forward to seeing your updates as always! Have a good holiday tomorrow

  2. I'm so glad your feeling better....take care

  3. We know you love us and understand when you can't be here. But you are missed when you're not. Glad t hear the eye is getting better.