Sunday, January 4, 2009


Very hot here again today.
Kori and I went to the gym, thankfully it is airconned, felt how hot it was when we walked out of the gym tho.

Going to stitch more on Opus 1 today. I have promise myself that I will get one finished before moving on to the next one that I have started and complete that one.
Now this will take me a long time to finish all the ones I have started but I think I need to accomplish a complete and not just start new ones when I see them.
I have found 2 really cool SAL's for samplers and I am going to do them, one is called Carnation Sampler and I an going to do mine yellow and green not the pink and green they use, and the other one is(lol I forget the name of it right now) but it is a different kind of sampler and I an curious how it will turn out.
Think thats it for today.

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  1. Do share where these other patterns are :) I looked today at the Opus pattern, and from there looked at the website featuring the pattern. My there is some beautiful, but intricite patterns there!