Sunday, February 1, 2009

Been to Dad's

Well I finally got to go to dad's this Thursday.
Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, might be all the love and support I get from home and my cyber family at Artecy_stitchers group.
Went and paid for Mum's funeral and then went into town with dad, I even got him to buy a new pair of sunglasses as he needs to wear them all the time when he is outside now, since he had his surgeries on both eyes. He has been talking about getting a new entertainment unit for his lounge room as the TV he has now is too big for his old unit, went to a store in town and he got a really nice one for 300.00. Wish I had known about them when I got my new one, LOL practically the same as mine and I paid 1,400.00.
The weather here has been unbearable, just on 3 weeks now of 35-40c in the day and nights of 23-25c. Needless to say it is too hot to get a good night sleep, even the aircons are labouring to work properly. Mal has gone to da a course for work this week and as he will be doing it only 1/2 hour drive from dad's he is staying at dad's place. Mal will help dad to put together his entertainment unit .
Kori is busy writing a novel(her first attempt) and it is coming along.She has only got 6 more assignments left to do for her school certificate which she is doing through distance learning via tafe in Sydney.

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